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We Can Work it Out

We Can Work it Out was exhibited as part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016, appearing in the Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool and ICA, London.

A Video Installation Premiered at the Feminism in Theory and Action Conference, Wadham College Oxford in November 2014.

I employ appropriation in much of my work, riffing on the social history and widely understood connotations of the original material. We Can Work it Out (2014) is a rewrite of the familiar Beatles tune of the same name. My version speaks of online arguments and the unconstructive nature of aggressive debates on social media sites. I, somewhat idealistically, propose a productive form of constructive and balanced debate.

Starring Josie Perry and Dominic Spencer Jolly as singers

We Can Work it Out is an original composition by the Beatles
Written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon (1965)

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