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Ringtone Remix Suite for Orchestra

This work stems from a wing of Ruth's practice that explores the repercussions of the digital age and its technological advancements through musical means. It encourages one to think about the unlocked potential of and sinister dimensions to the gadgets we are reliant upon and the social media we are constantly mediating human-to-human communications through.

Ringtone Radiate Remix Suite for Orchestra is a light-hearted work which presents popular and familiar ringtones in an unfamiliar context. By turning the gimmicky jingles into classical music which is played by a classical orchestra and then placed in an art context one is forced to reconsider the ringtones, listening to them as music and not dismissing them as annoying buzzy tones that go off at inappropriate moments in the quiet carriage, lecture or classical music concert.

The ringtones were transcribed by the artist and then elaborated upon in a set of compositions (also by the artist) in order that they form more comprehensive, expanded works. The ringtone is not present throughout but surfaces now and again. The Nokia Theme uses Francisco Tárrega’s Gran Vals as its foundation. Nokia has made notorious one phrase of Tárrega’s classical guitar piece written in 1902…you know the one.

The full set were premiered at the LMH Art Show 2016 19.02.16 - 21.02.16

Three orchestral transcriptions of ringtones
• Nokia (Nokia 3310)
• Silk
(iOS 7)
• Waves
(iOS 7)

If you'd be interesting in performing these works with your orchestra, do get in contact with me!

Ask if you'd like access to the full version of this work, currently reserved for exhibitions.

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