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We, the artists of Lady Margaret Hall make a habit of putting on an annual showcase of our work in college. It seems to us a great opportunity to show the academic community a little of what goes on in the Ruskin School of Art. There are a small number of artists in college and unlike many subjects our course revolves exclusively around the faculty so we are not all that heavily embedded in the LMH community; knowledge of what we get up to in our studios is perhaps a little hazy amongst our college compatriots.

Each year the format of the artists’ showcase changes. Last year (Anywhere and Not At All) we staged an occupation in the currently redundant front quad archway, projecting our digital photography and video work onto an interactive ephemeral gauze walk-through screen, shrouded in billows of smoke. This year NOW LMH ART NOW adopted a completely different format: the art trail.

Over the Valentine’s weekend art sprung up all around the college, occupying the most unlikely corners of LMH from the chapel to the library to a student’s bedroom. The idea behind the art trail grew from a desire to infect the entire college with art in the hope that the resident LMH student and staff community would bump into the exhibition and be carried along by the maps and many signs helping people along the route.

The response was great and the turn out pleasing. It was particularly nice to find students wandering round on Saturday morning after a slow start and brunch, bumping into art in spaces they are used to interacting with in a completely utilitarian way, such as the library.

The purpose of holding an exhibition in college rather than in the art school, is to demystify what we get up to at the Ruskin so we hope that the LMH community enjoyed the art occupation. We have the JCR Arts Rep, Kitty Russman, to thank kindly for helping us financially and thank you also to the many members of college staff who helped us logistically host the event.

Anticlockwise from top left round to top right:
Melanie Eckersley Memo
Amber Rankin
Frank Pinsent Arabian Flights
Helen Benigson No Downtime
Nina Wakeford Relatively Norma/l/aminated Anna
Ailis Brennan Her dialictic fantasy
Ruth Spencer Jolly Sonder

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