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Lady Garden

The Lady Garden Trio
  • Lu Williams
  • Angeli Bhose
  • Ruth Spencer Jolly

LADY GARDEN is a three-woman art exhibition staged in the unconventional setting of Kiss Bar on Park End Street. Against the backdrop of a nightclub (functioning bar included) Ruskin school of Art students Angeli Bhose, Ruth Spencer Jolly and Lu Williams present sculpture, film, sound art, digital collage, drawing and photography.

With tongue very firmly in the cheek, the work featuring in the show will raise questions about how we view our bodies and ourselves and how our experience of culture dictates our behaviour.

Through performance Angeli focuses on the process of our absorption and perpetuation of external influences with minimal processing time as we try to stay afloat in the chaotic sea of information and images. Ruth works predominantly in film and presents two semi-autobiographical works in this exhibition, focusing on the theme of self-improvement. Lu’s sculptures react to the theory of self-socialisation- our instinctive ability to direct our social development by selecting certain influences within our environment to focus upon and imitate, whilst ignoring others. These sculptures are accompanied by collage, prints and a zine commenting upon societal attitudes towards the concept of feminism.

The exhibition contributes to an ongoing debate, recently enflamed by the recent visit to Britain by the UN special rapporteur who expressed concern about the media’s portrayal of women in the UK. It’s a discussion that will continue to roll; Tuesday of 1st week is your opportunity to drop in, have a drink, experience the art and join the debate.

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