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Balancing Act

This work featured as part of a recent exhibition bearing the same name, Balancing Act at the Dolphin Gallery. This show addresses examples of balancing acts within the feminist discourse: Balancing Act and Plate Spinning explore the balancing act involved in motherhood whilst simultaneously working. This balancing act is placed in juxtaposition with a different balancing act: that of the portrayal of women in popular culture (specifically within the music industry).

Misogyny Mash Up engages with the theme by tackling male musicians’ possessive and objectifying portrayal of women in popular songs of the past decade. By covering the songs, unaltered, I aim to draw attention to the lyrics we all too easily presume to be innocuous but actually encourage a toxic attitude towards women’s rights and agency.

Pussy Power? addresses a similar issue, interrogating the balancing act female pop stars’ negotiate. It raises questions about the agency female artists have in curating their own identity and brand. The performance highlights the disparity between the lyrics of the Pussycat Dolls’ songs and their image: the words of their songs promote independence, sexual liberation and demand equality of treatment yet the music videos are exhibitionist and sexually provocative in a self-objectifying way. Who made that decision?

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