Thinking Things

Ella Still 7

Objects are smart.

The Internet of Things is alive.

It knows what we want before we've even

realised that we want it...

But do we?

Thinking Things Still 15



Collaboration for ANIMA 2016
Written and directed by Ruth Spencer Jolly
Music by Jacob Ewens
Starring Ella McCarthy
(Assisted by Dominic Spencer Jolly)


Premiered, 26th February, Jacqueline Du Pre Building, St Hilda's College, Oxford, Anima 2016

Jacob Ewens is a third year music student at Keble college and Ruth Spencer Jolly is in her final year at the Ruskin studying Fine Art. Both are film enthusiasts and believe strongly in the power of music to influence mood and emotion. They have approached the Anima brief cinematographically creating a short, narrative film which questions where technology might take us and how many decisions it might start making on our behalf. Technology with initiative could be a double-edged sword.

Copyright Ruth Spencer Jolly 2016