The Keepers of memories

The Keepers of Memories

The Keepers of Memories was triggered by the realisation my parents' house is full of objects that would definitely look at home in Pitt Rivers museum. They have been inherited from deceased family members who collected interesting objects on their travels in a similar but less ambitious fashion than General Pitt Rivers.

The video establishes a dialogue between the residents of the house and the inherited objects in order to explore the parallels between the home and a museum. An obvious difference which this film examines is the setting surrounding the artefacts: in a museum objects are grouped with appropriate, complementary companions; at home they are often incongruously juxtaposed with contrasting modern furniture and items.

Despite obvious differences between homes and museums, the video ends by highlighting the strong similarity: the objects on display hold significance because of the stories they tell and the memories they embody.

Many thanks must go to the Pitt Rivers Museum, the Santai Gamelan Orchestra, Kate Jolly and Roland Kaye for their parts in the creation of this video.


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