European Unison

Pianists needed!

  • The story of the European Union played out on 28 pianos at the spectacular Besbrode Piano Warehouse in Leeds
  • The passion behind the politics of Brexit told through music
  • Feel betrayed but unable to express it in words? Try music.

‘European Unison’ is recruiting 28 pianists to perform as part of a performance intervention staged at Besbrode Pianos in Leeds in late March 2017, in tandem with the triggering of Article 50. As a pianist you will represent a member of the European Union and play out the history of the EU from its birth to Brexit, performing a composition by the emerging artist Ruth Spencer Jolly. The piece acts as a eulogy to the rich cultural exchange and peacekeeping cooperation we have turned our backs on. The ensemble of pianos will demonstrate that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ and here’s hoping you’re keen to be part of the whole.


Join the European Unison ensemble!

Press morning: Thursday 23rd March 2017*

Filming and Performance: Sunday 26th March 2017*

28 parts for varying abilities - grade 6+ - all ages welcome!

To express an interest in the project, please contact Ruth at

*Please state whether you are keen to attend both or just one of the days


I believe that Melvin Besbrode and I share two obsessions: art and pianos. I am an audio-visual artist exploring the interesting grey area between the visual arts and music, a zone I am tentatively naming ‘musart’. I have just graduated from Oxford University with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art and I am currently artist-in-residence at St George’s School in Ascot.

During my residency I am developing a work called European Unison which tells the story of the European Union through music. It is scored for 28 pianos, each one representing one nation in the EU. The work begins with the Union’s formation post WW2 and brings us up to date, to the current period of flux as the UK negotiates its terms of exit. I feel strongly compelled to make a work which responds to this period of shock, transition and deliberation.


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