Current work

Christmas at the Clauses

A feminist Christmas Medley commissioned by BOW Arts & GRRRL Zine Fair.

European Unison

A musical illustration of 'Brexit' to be performed at Besbrode Pianos in Leeds on Sunday 26th March 2017 at 6pm


eMortal explores the digital afterlife through a parody of the 1930s musical hit Cheek to Cheek from the film Top Hat

Ringtone Orchestra

Exploring the repercussions of the digital age and its technological advancements through musical means.

Text for thumbs

Written for eight thumbs. Inspired by the nature of instant messaging and texting on our phones

Measured Music

Music devised by the proportions of my body: some harmonious, others not

Compact DISCo Ball

An elegy to the Compact Disc, reliving the heyday of the 1980s

Ringtone Radiate Remix

A dance track constructed from well known ringtones

We can work it out

Selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016

Misogyny Mashup

A sound, video and performance work exploring the consequence of misogynist lyrics in pop music

Balancing Act

A sound-sculpture addressing the theme of work/life balance

Cookie Monster

A tongue-in-cheek comment on the amusingly un-private privacy options

Thinking Things

A collaboration with Jacob Ewens about the technology of 'Smart Objects'


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