European Unison All-Over Magazin Special


The history of the European Union played out on 28 pianos: a musical illustration of “Brexit”.

As a young person of the generation born EU citizens, with the right to travel and work freely anywhere in the EU, ‘Brexit’ will revoke this entitlement, offering nothing in return. As a personal response I have composed a work entitled European Unison, scored for 28 pianos - each representing a member state of the European Union. The piece celebrates the rich cultural diversity and cooperative nature of the EU. Whilst it acknowledges the institution’s imperfections it seeks to question - musically - the wisdom of our decision to go it alone.



Photo courtesy of Pablo Melchor



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Meet some of the team...

The Artist/Composer

Ruth Spencer Jolly

You are currently lodged within Ruth Spencer Jolly's website, with a wide array of her portfolio at your fingertips for perusal. Acting as an algorithim ('if you like this you might also like this'), I might suggest that you head in the direction of some of Ruth's recent Musart outputs such as the Ringtone Remix Suite for Orchestra.


The Host

Melvin Besbrode


In the piano world Melvin is a big deal. He owns an extraordinary warehouse full to the gunnels with extraordinary instruments. He is particularly receptive to Ruth's idea, having started life as an artist too! As a money-earner on the side of his artistic exploits he started trading pianos and now he is one of the most respected dealers in the world, with a reputation for restoration.  If you'd like to read a little more about the business then here's an interesting article and the Besbrode website.



The Conductor

Marcus Bingham

Marcus is a third and final year pianist studying at Leeds College of Music with a particular strong interest in piano accompaniment, chamber and contemporary music. Recently he has performed as an accompanist in recitals at Wakefield Cathedral, National Children’s Museum Halifax, Home House London and Duke’s Hall London.  Conducting engagements include the LCoM Sinfonia and the prestigious Kensington Symphony Orchestra.

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