About the Artist

I am fascinated by technology and social media’s affect on human-to-human communications. I’ve explored phenomena such as online dating, the Internet of Things and the digital afterlife. Within these investigations my focus often hones in on the potential of these technological developments to help or hinder gender equality. Where and what is feminism in the digital century?

I work predominantly in the medium of moving-image, which allows me marry together my interest in the visual arts and my love of music. I've always paid close attention to the way in which sound can support a visual message but I have started to unshackle the musical dimension of my work from its role as accessory to visual material. I’m working on ‘conceptual compositions’ which lie within the indistinct division between art and music: a hybrid, 'Musart'.



2017 - 2018 Teacher of Art, Various UK Schools in South East Region

2016 - 2017 Artist in Residence, St George's School



2013 - 2016 Ruskin School of Fine Art, Oxford University, Lady Margaret Hall College
2012 - 2013 Oxford Brookes Art & Design Foundation, Oxford, UK




European UnisonBesbrode Pianos, Leeds, UK


Oxford International Women's Festival Main EventThe Town Hall, Oxford, UK
RUSKIN.SHOWThe Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, UK
Bloomberg New ContemporariesBluecoat, (as part of the Liverpool Biennial), Liverpool, UK
Here is Now, Winchester College, Winchester, UK
Bloomberg New ContemporariesInstitute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London, UK


CAL ARTS: +6The Dolphin Gallery, Oxford, UK
Balancing Act (solo show), The Dolphin Gallery, Oxford, UK
Tinder Eggs shown at Locals Night @ VideovadaOvada Warehouse, Oxford, UK
NOW LMH ART NOWLady Margaret Hall, Oxford, UK


LADY GARDENFeminism in Theory and Action Conference, Wadham College, Oxford, UK
Ruskin First Year ShowBullingdon Road Studios, Oxford, UK
Anywhere and Not At AllLady Margaret Hall, Oxford, UK
LADY GARDENKiss Bar, Oxford, UK


Punctuation PaintingsLady Margaret Hall, Oxford, UK
JamboxJam Factory, Oxford, UK
Oxford Brookes Foundation ShowRichard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brookes, Oxford, UK
The Keepers of Memories shown at Collective visionPegasus Theatre, Oxford, UK
Time and SpacePitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, UK
GossamerKeble College, Oxford, UK


Curation and Organisation


Undergraduate Exhibition Co-ordinator for the Ruskin Degree Show 2016 (ruskin.show),The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford UK
Curator of the video art programme at the M@SH Music MarathonJacqueline Du Pre Building, St Hilda's, Oxford, UK
Curator of the performance and video art programme within the Oxford International Women's Festival Main EventThe Town Hall, Oxford, UK


Curator (as part of Lady Garden) for the Bristol WeekenderThe Trinity Centre, Bristol, UK
Curator (as part of Lady Garden) for a double page spread in the first edition of LOCKJAWS*, released in October 2015
Exhibition co-ordinator: Ruskin Shorts 2015, Modern Art Oxford,, Oxford, UK
Exhibition manager: NOW LMH ART NOWLady Margaret Hall, Oxford, UK


Exhibition manager: Ruskin First Year ShowBullingdon Road Studios, Oxford, UK


Exhibition assistant and curatorial assistant: Collective visionPegasus Theatre, Oxford, UK


Marketing and Publicity


Promotional video for The Broadstreet Dancers, Oxford, UK
Promotional video Rock Breakdown and Heritage Conservation, Oxford Rock breakdown Laboratory, Oxford, UK
Promotional video Oxford Open Doors Weekend, Oxford Preservation Trust, Oxford, UK
Marketing and Publicity for The Hamletmachine, Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford, UK
Trailer for Performing Colour, Staging Sound, Jacquline du Pré Building, Oxford, UK
Trailer for Dynamica, The Old Fire Station Theatre, Oxford, UK

Publicity for Anywhere and Not At AllLady Margaret Hall, Oxford, UK
Trailer forCezanne and the Modern at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK
Publicity for LADY GARDENKiss Bar, Oxford, UK
Trailer for William Blake: Master & Apprentice at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK
Videographer and editor for Oxford Christmas Light Festival 2015 film, Oxford City Council

Trailer for Discovering Tutankhamun at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK


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